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Today we journey into the black depths of story to speak to a maker of horror. In this case it’s with horror author, audiobook narrator and voice of   Phineas T. Croughly (AKA The Librarian), Executive Producer & Creator of The Wicked Library-

Nelson W. Pyles

nelson 401 2You may be familiar with some of Nelson’s work, as it’s his show that tops the list for the 10 Horror Story Podcasts that will terrify you and I’ve reviewed both of his books Everything Here is a Nightmare and Demons, Dolls and Milkshakes. 

But, did you know that he once wrote a script about a sock puppet apocalypse? Or that he’s currently finishing up working on two new books? (One is an expansion on one of my favorite stories in EHIAN!)

Oh you didn’t?

Well, if you listen to the first two episodes of season 4 on the 9th Story, you’ll learn that and quite a bit more about things like reclaiming copyrights on your stories after they get published and how terrible of a fan girl I can be… I mean, I said something like, “If you could see me right now you’d be able to tell I’m blushing and maybe sweating a bit”.


I’ll get the hang of talking to people I admire eventually. Hopefully. 0.0

TWL-MAIN-300x3001-250x175But the  part of our conversation I enjoyed most was hearing more about the work that goes into producing The Wicked Library.

I mean, I had some concept of it. Recording, editing, and promoting, means hours of clickety-clacking on keyboards in the dark. But I didn’t even consider the amount of time that goes into selecting the stories they produce on the show.

For anyone who wants an inside look at how editors select new work, this part of the conversation alone is gold.

Snelson 402 2o, anyway, I’ll stop blabbing and let you guys enjoy for yourself.

Here’s the links for online listening:

Episode 401 – Nelson W. Pyles Interview part I


 Episode 402 – Nelson W. Pyles Interview part II

And, please check us out on iTunes or Stitcher and subscribe to the show.

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the web and I’ll see you again soon!

Bonus content time!

After you listen to the show you’ll understand why drunk Orson Welles is here 😉

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