Horror Haikuesday: That Old Devil’s Smile

Happy Horror Haikuesday everyone!

So, I have made a really bad habit of staying up reeeally late on Monday nights to finish the artwork for the Horror Haikuesday posts. Which mostly has to do with ending up on YouTube to check for something very specific and then losing myself in a vortex of amusements for a few hours…

But I was productive during my visit this time! I finally got my screen capture software to work so I made a speed paint video of the first haiku of the day, which is from A.F. Stewart. 🙂

blood grin



Next up, is a poem inspired by the movie Let Us Pray  from Haiku of Horror.


And I’m a sucker for insanity because that means drawing straight jackets, so here’s one from Anthony Etherin:



And last but not least, the poem that gave me the best shudder of terror for the week:

mold eye

Thank you all once again for joining me today and for sharing your fantastic word-smithing. I’m excited to see what you all create with #horrorhaikuesday today! Leave me a haiku in the comment section below or use the hastag to join in on Twitter and Instagram.

Happy creating my friends ❤

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