Last night I went on an adventure to the hidden hipster mall of Lowell MA to experience an evening of cult cinema called Weirdo Wednesday.


Imagine you’ve just stepped into a wood paneled elevator with me for a moment.

The silence is awkward as we both admire each other’s laid back, yet fashionable, outfits out of the corners of our eyes. The floors slowly tick by and finally open up onto the fourth floor. It’s dimly lit this time of night with the Edison bulbs casting a warm glow on the dark windows of the closed stores.

We walk on sanded wooden floors to the beginning of the hallway and pause for a moment, struck by our sudden appearance into what looks like a real-life Diagon Alley.


Skulls grin out of the taxidermy shop to our right, the fragrant smells of herbs and soap waft from the apothecary from the left and an inviting glow beacons to us from the end of the hallway.


The bulbs of the Luna call to us through the darkness.

We enter the lobby of the theater, greeted by the smell of fresh popcorn and the sounds of IPA bring poured. Up the stairs and past the arcade machines we go until we finally arrive.


At Weirdo Wednesday.

We grab a seat in one of the large plush red armchairs and settle in to watch a surprise horror movie from the time before cellphones existed.


Beautiful isn’t it?

Seriously, this theater, the Luna, was an amazing place to enjoy a hilarious 80’s horror/sci-fi movie with a bunch of fun people.

After watching a hilarious assortment of classic shlocky horror movie trailers from the 60s and 70s we got into the feature presentation which was the 1987 film “Hidden.”

I’m planning to post a review of that movie later on today, but for the  9am slot, I just wanted to share with you a little bit of the magic that the theater itself has.

Also, I’m currently writing this post on my phone, which makes composing and formatting a proper post kind of… Ok incredibly tedious.

Swype can only help so much.

So until later today, please forgive my typos and know I’ll be returning with my thoughts on “Homicidal throat monsters from Twin Peaks” once I get home to my computer.

~ Jeanette


Ok, the review is going to have to come on Monday. I entirely ran out of time today and unfortunately I have to work in the morning. *huffs* But I did manage to write the second draft of my story for The Lift!

More updates on that later…


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