Welcome back my delightfully dark friends. Today, we’re chatting with Robert A. Multari, the writer and creator of a new comic about one of my favorite supernatural beasts, werewolves!

Here’s a little about his project, “Night Wolf”


Night Wolf” is an idea for a monthly comic book series that is currently open for funding over on Kickstarter.  @LoneWolfComics reached out to me on twitter and asked me to check out their project. I did, and I was immediately swooning over the artwork.

I mean, how can you not with artwork like this?


Ugh! the character design alone is drool-worthy.

About the Artists

Carlos Herrera was the original artist for “Night Wolf” as both illustrator and colorist. He is a Professional illustrator residing in Santiago City, Chile. Carlos contributed to the project by creating gorgeous character designs, the cover and first four pages of issue #1. Unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts Carlos resigned as the illustrator/colorist. Lone Wolf Comic was sad to see Carlos go, but wished Carlos the best in life and his career.


However, two amazing artists have picked up where Carlos left off. Oscar Choquecota Ale, a professional illustrator residing in Lima, Perú, now plays the role of illustrator. Last but certainly not least Ross A. Campbell, professional digital colorist residing in Elgin, Scotland, is now the colorist for the “Night Wolf” comic book series. These very talented artists have already started working on issue #1. Their amazing work will be displayed as the KickStarter campaign runs through May 31st.

So, they caught my attention, and I reached out to them to see about getting a wee interview with the creator. And Robert was happy to chat with me for a bit.

Q and A with the Creator

JA = Jeanette Andromeda RM = Robert A. Multari

JA: How did this all get started?

Robert A. Multari

RM:  It’s been my dream since I was a kid to be in the comic book business. When I was 14-years-old, I wrote fan fiction for the X-Men and submitted it to Marvel in hopes that Stan Lee would read it. Someone from Marvel was nice enough to write back to me saying that Stan loves to hear from his fans and encouraged me to keep up my writing. As naive as I was at the time, it spread my passion for the business like a wild fire. I went to art school for Graphic Design and Animation at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, hoping my education would land me a job at Marvel. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be, but my passion never wavered. I have been working on “Night Wolf” since I was 16-years-old. The story and the characters have grown up with me, evolving into the amazing tale that it is today.


JA: What were 3 comics that really inspired you growing up?

RM: It’s hard to really narrow it down to just three comic titles.

1396232-965402_250px_wolverine_coverI have a large collection that has been growing since before I could even read. I remember starting out with Batman comics and had some Incredible Hulk comics after watching the cartoons on VHS. After that I then moved onto Spider-Man for a while until I discovered Wolverine while watching the X-Men pilot Pride of the X-Men in the late 80s. I immediately gravitated toward Wolverine and was obsessed with the character.

At the time I didn’t realize what DC or Marvel was, I just knew the heroes and their individual cartoons and comics.
One day I was sitting with all my comics and I saw the Marvel logo on the Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine and X-Men comic books. I started to put it together that they were all made by Marvel and after reading some crossover issues that these characters live in the same universe together and it blew my mind. I thought that was the most amazing thing ever.

In elementary school I was struggling in school because of my A.D.D. and dyslexia.

My mom made a deal with me to encourage me to try harder on my reading. If I did well in school and improved my reading I would get 3 comic books a week. I remember struggling late at night trying to get my homework done, but I have to say thanks to my mom it worked quite well and paid off. During that time I collected mostly Wolverine, X-Men and Spider-Man. However, there was the occasional comic from another title that would pick up here and there, but always went back to my defaults.

batman-the-animated-series-villains-rosterEven though I didn’t get a lot of the Batman comics at the time I still enjoyed watching the Batman Animated Series from the early 90’s. I just loved those stories and the Batman villains are the most interesting antagonists. The only rivals would be Spider-Man’s gallery of villains. I thought these villains were all well crafted as characters. And to this day I think the best Joker is any Joker voiced by Mark Hamill.

Anyway, now that I when off on a tangent, I would have to say any Wolverine or X-Men comics written by Chris Claremont and art by Jim Lee are my most influential comic books. Then followed by Bruce Timm’s Batman and Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man.

JA: Great tangent though. lol . What kind of stories inspired how “Night Wolf” has been created? Either visually or in story.

werewolf_-_the_apocalypse_coverRM: Thanks! lol
I have always loved any werewolf or supernatural related entertainment in movies, video games, comics, etc.
In high school I was introduced to White Wolf’s Werewolf: The Apocalypse gaming books and I was amazed by the incredible artwork. I think that is what truly inspired me to make a comic book based on the supernatural specifically with a werewolf anti-hero.
♦ ————- ♦
Robert, thank you so much for chatting with me, and to you loverly people reading, if you’d like to see this story come into the world, pop on over to their Kickstarter page to learn even more about the project or help bring it to life.

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