By: Immortal Alexander

Hello my fellow creeps. Today I am taking over Horror Made to bring you some of the unseen photographs I made for my short story “Writer’s Block” along with a few I did use that are now unedited. I’ll also give a little insight into my creative process. If you haven’t read the story yet you can find it here. Then come back and enjoy the photographic horror!


All the images I am sharing are unedited. This is how I captured them in camera. My favorite thing to do when photographing is to find good light and photograph things in their natural beauty. In my short story post I used the vignette filter along with adjusting the saturation, brightness, and contrast. Here I am showing you my photographs in their original form before they were altered. You’ll recognize this first image as it was the thumbnail for my story.


In these photographs I used Ms. Andromeda’s inkwell pen, pen nibs, and Windsor & Newton #967 Scarlet Ink. I experimented with many different compositions for these photos using my Canon 5D Mk II and my 50mm Sigma Macro Lens. In this shot I wanted  to play with the idea of the pen stabbing the inkwell. When I composed this shot I was thinking of the comic book character “The Vulture” from Spider-Man or the “Harpy” boss from the video game “Castlevania Legacy of Darkness.” I arranged a host of pen nibs in an aggressive looking pattern.


In this next photo I wanted to get close up to show you the vivid red of the ink along with casting a long shadow to foreshadow the dark twist the story takes. Since the story was so short I was not able to get all of my favorites into the original blog post.


I do love to overexpose a image on occasion to get an ethereal effect. Most of my camera lenses are prime lenses with a fixed focal length and a wide aperture like F 1.4 or F 2.8. This means they let in a lot of light and give me a lot of control over how much natural exposure I can use. Before I knew Ms. Andromeda  owned red ink I tried making my own using red wine, Karo syrup, and ink from a red sharpie which I broke open using a wrench. The result is what you see here. It had a great viscus consistence and wonderful color but when your remove the pen from the jar the goop looked more light pink than red and was  almost clear. Not exactly what I was going for which is why I used actual red ink for all of the dripping blood.


This shot is where all of the mess a I made with the jar paid off. Some of the cotton from inside the sharpie got left behind inside the jar along with some thick ink that wouldn’t blend with the water which came from from a red ballpoint pen. This resulted in some dark globs that look like coagulating blood. An unexpected effect that really makes this image look like a real horror scene, and I absolutely love it!


One of my favorite things to do in photography is to get challenging shots. One of the hardest ones I did for these photos was to try and get a closeup of the red ink dripping off of the tip of the pen. I used manual focus for this and for all of my shots. To achieve my intended effect I had to find my focus point, and while keeping one hand on the camera trigger I used my left hand to dip the pen in the inkwell. Then I had to hold the pen at an angle to keep the ink from spilling, move the pen back to the focal point, tip the pen to make the ink start to drip, and snap the picture before the ink left the tip of the pen. Oh and the focal point was about a millimeter wide so one slight move forward or backward would make the picture out of focus. This is one of my favorite shots. I wish I could have used more of these but as I said the story was very short.


Here is more proof of the absolute mess I made while taking these pictures. I also almost ruined my camera lens for some of the closeups sine the dripping ink covered pen was only about a inch from the glass on my lens. In this shot I went wider. I could have closed the aperture to get a deeper focus but I really liked the brighter shots and didn’t want to use additional lights to achieve what I was looking for. I only used the natural daylight that was coming through the windows.


I really enjoyed doing photography for my short story instead of using stock images. I don’t always have time to do it but as you can see the effect is really worth the effort.

Do you enjoy taking creepy creative photos? If so hit me up on twitter and share some of your work. You can find me here: @HtvImmortal





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