Welcome back my friends. Last week there was a flurry of brilliance scattering through the veins of the internet and I’m *sniffs* so freakin’ proud of all you.

It was darker, more demented, and even funnier last week, so picking the poems for this week was a delicious challenge. Onwards to

Horror Haikuesday

First up is a poem by Kylie Goets that struck me with the delightfully macabre nature of it’s essence.

Circus of Horror

And here’s the making of video:


Pochassic gave me a good laugh with their perfectly paired words and gifs.

Now for a festering thought that brought images of Scott Sigler’s Blue Triangles into my mind:


Clive Barker‘s Hellraiser made a real impression this week as well, as you’ll see in the chain haiku from Nano Horror and Haiku of Horror:


And now one from David Bradley Bailey, that plays upon one of my favorite themes, insanity… and Alice in Wonderland:

door upon doors


I hope you all have a delightfully dark day, and I look forward to reading all of your poetry today on Twitter and Instagram using #HorrorHaikuesday!




2 thoughts

  1. Those are clever!

    Been awhile since I’ve seen anyone post a two-sentence story, so:

    The day Sarah’s parent’s moved into the tiny one-bedroom ranch on Oak Street, Sarah asked her dad, “Daddy, what are you doing?”

    “Sharpening my machete,” Mr. Thomas replied.

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