Hello my friends, today was an update image by image kind of day, because I just could not seem to get anything done on time. But,  all the sordid details are at the end of this post.

For now, Let’s get to the fun part with a poem from May’s featured poet:

Nano Horror aka @tweetsthecreeps

Nano horror porfile pic may 2016

Here’s his poem for the week:

true form flames

I learn my true form
When I am engulfed in flames
Reddened skin won’t burn

~Nano Horror

I have 2 more pieces I’ll be posting as soon as they’re done, along with the making of “True Form” video. But keep an eye out on twitter for #horrorhaikuesday. You guys always come up with the coolest 17 syllables of terror.

I loved this one by @honorayork2 especially when paired with this chilling photo 0.0

@Pochassic made my stomach drop with this one:

 As for the slow-burn artwork:

shovel and tears

Last piece of the day!

fightingfor peanuts


So what’s up with the late posting this week?

Too much going on. I ended up working all weekend, so my usual prep time was smashed to smithereens. Add on: my car deciding it was done and had to get towed to the shop, the art exhibit I opened last week and just enough personal drama that I’m kind of just floundering along this week.

You guys make it worth continuing though. So, thank you. Thank you for your support and creativity ❤

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