Well, I don’t know about you, but it’s been a long week for me, and I’m celebrating by sitting oddly hunched over my laptop in bed while sippin’ on some G&T- ready to bring you some bonus goodness to add to your listening experience this Friday.

Nick K ThumbAs a bonus question for you, I asked Nick “Out of all the short films you’ve created, which one are you most proud of and why?”

His answer: “I would have to go with Mind’s Eye.  It was the first time I worked with a professional actor, like Chuck Aber.  He later told me that I have a lot of potential as a filmmaker, and I shouldn’t give up on it.  Hearing that from something who’s been acting for 30+ years, has worked with directors like Jonathan Demme, and George Romero,  really meant a lot to me, and motivated me to keep making films; still does to this day.  I also feel like I controlled the tone of the movie really well, as it flips more than once.  On top of everything it was the first time I got to work with my best friend – Joe Conniff – on a professional set, which was really satisfying experience. ”

Mind’s Eye from Sinister Dream Productions, LLC on Vimeo.

On episode 404 of The 9th Story, the voiceless Dan and I interview the writer, podcaster, filmmaker and my multimedia kindred spirit- Nick Kiznia.

Why a kindred spirit? Well, that comes down to one passion project that Nick is trying to bring back to the world in a fully produced way.

When you listen to the episode you’ll hear all of the juicy behind the scenes details about why the web-series version didn’t come out they way he’d hoped and how his multimedia (dare I say?) empire has come together the way it has.

Talking to Nick about the difficulties that come with filmmaking, as well as some of the challenges that come along when crowd-funding a project was a fantastic conversation, And I hope you’ll learn a it’ll somethin’ somethin’ as you listen.

With all that said, here’s some short film context to help your brain get into the right groove. First I wanted to share this short film that Nick and his group created, because I thought it was hilarious:

Bloody Good Knives from Sinister Dream Productions, LLC on Vimeo.

Next I want to show you the trailer for “Nevermore,” which is the web-series that caused so much drama and is now in the process of transforming into a feature film, with the help of folks like us through IndieGoGo.

Nevermore: The Series Preview from Sinister Dream Productions, LLC on Vimeo.

So pop on up to the 9th Story and listen to episode 404, or you can subscribe to the show on your favorite platform:

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And hey, have a fan-freakin’-tastic weekend! Hopefully one where you not only feel entirely excited about perusing your passion, but where you also have the time and tonic water to get to it.

Have a delightfully dark day my friends. ❤


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