The Horror Home Decor Collection continues with a trip into Clive Barker’s Hellraiser today. Because what’s more relaxing than a home built on the visual concepts of pain and  exquisite suffering.

(Just so you know, A few of the following links are affiliate links, so if you purchase anything through my post today a tiny piece of your purchase helps support the blog without any additional cost to you. <3)

Hellraiser Boudoir

Hellraiser Boudoir

Where to find things:

Room inspiration photo: I recommend using a high gloss dark blue paint on the walls to get this look, but pair it with hidden blue accent lighting like Blue Rope Light: add it behind bookcases and line under your bed to give a little atmosphere.


Legendary suffering from the Living Room




Guiding Design thoughts: Rough Stone wall finish,moody blue accent colors, lots of chains, plenty of black leather furniture.

legendary suffering room


Inspiration photo: Rough stone finished walls, Blue Rug, Sleek black shelving

More Living Room Bits

Pinhead Living Room


Inspiration Photo: Mainly I love the idea of gold-leafed puzzlebox on the wall as canvas prints ^.^

Other Goodness

hellraiser goodness


Just some other things I discovered on my hunt.

And last, but not least- a sneak peek at next week’s craft tutorial, A Pinhead cushion! Why? Because it’s too darn clever not to make. 😉

sneak peek pinhead cushion

But if you need a crafty project to do in the mean-time you could use the print-your-own pattern that Bloody Disgusting put out.


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