creeps mcpasta thumbnailRecently, while scrolling  through the internet, feeding my addiction to audio-horror-fiction I stumbled across this amazing YoutTube channel by Creeps McPasta that, if you haven’t discovered yet, I think you are going to enjoy massively.

Mostly because I binged about 7 hours of his videos without even realizing it… I was just so incredibly engrossed! He has a  great voice and performs the stories incredibly well.

So if you are in need of some chilling entertainment, have a sit back, grab an art project to work on, and enjoy a few hours of some fantastic Creepy Pastas:

4 thoughts

  1. OK CreepsMcPasta is a good one and I always listen.

    But I love ‘Lets Read’ and ‘Natenator77’ but my favorite is ‘DrCreepenVanPasta’ you can find all of them on youtube these are the channel names

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