how to make a pinhead cushion thumbnail blogLast week, we explored the dreamy “what-if” of what Hellraiser would look like if imagined as interior design. This week we’re making Pinhead into a sewing kit. Which I am – oh so cleverly – calling a

Pinhead Cushion

I know, the cleverness is overwhelming… *coughs*

But anyway, I’m here today to lay out how to make this beauty.



How to make a Mason Jar Pinhead Cushion

Mason Jar pinhead cushion glamour shot


Pinhead cushion materialsMaterials:

  1. Glass mason jar with lid
  2. Black gloss spray paint
  3. oval or round stickers
  4. red ribbon
  5. scissors
  6. a round object to draw a circle with
  7. pencil or chalk to draw on the fabric
  8. cotton fabric with a grid print/pattern
  9. lots o’ straight pins
  10. a few handfuls of poly-fill
  11. hot glue gun
  12. hot glue sticks

Bonus Detail Materials:

  1. Necklace chains
  2. 5 or so safety pins
  3. thin wire
  4. needle nose pliers
  5. snips

Stage 1: Stickers

You’ll need: Mason Jar, stickers, scissors

stage 1 stickers


  1. Cut your stickers into ovals
  2. Stick them onto the jar in 2 rows of 3 on two sides of the jar

sticker rows 1

Stage 2: Paint the Jar

You’ll need: Mason jar with stickers, black glossy spray paint

stage 2 paint the jar black


*Pro Tip: Spray from at least 6″ away from the jar while continuously moving the can from side to side. You’ll get better coverage and less drips.

  1. Paint it black
  2. Let it dry

Stage 3: Peel off the stickers

This part seems fairly self-explanatory…

Stage 4: Adding the Flesh Strips

Materials for stage 4 ribbonsYou’ll need: Your painted and peeled jar, red ribbon, scissors, hot glue gun, hot glue sticks.

  1. cut the ribbon so it’s long enough to start attached just above the top oval and just below the bottom oval.
  2. add a dab of hot glue to the inside of your jar, just above the top oval
  3. press the top of the ribbon into the glue
  4. add glue to the bottom of the ribbon
  5. drop it into the jar and press it down to the glass under the bottom oval with the tips of your scissors
  6. repeat until all of 4 rows of ovals have ribbon behind them





Stage 5: Create your cushioned top

cushion step by step.jpgYou’ll need: your jar, hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, mason jar lid, grid-patterned fabric, your round object for tracing, pencil or fabric chalk, scissors, straight pins


  1. Trace around the your chosen round object with your pencil on the wrong side of your fabric. The circle should be at least 2: bigger than your mason jar top.
  2. cut out the circle of fabric
  3. glue the edges of the fabric onto the bottom edge of the lid- make sure to leave a 1-2″ section of it open
  4. stuff poly-fill into the pocket you’ve just created on to of the jar.
  5. glue down the remaining edges of the fabric
  6. pop your cushioned lid into the rim of your jar
  7. it will be a little tough at first to get it to stay in their snug as a bug.
  8. screw your lid onto your jar and cover it with straight pins

Bonus Level: Delightful Details

This one’s a bonus level because I wasn’t actually planning on doing this step. But when the jar was all finished and looking sparkly, it just felt like it needed a little bit more to finish it off.

Thank you to Immortal Alexander for making the suggestion, btw. Without him, you’d be looking at some slightlyless bad-ass pmason jar photos.

The very last thing I added was two bits of chains on either side of the jar so I could hang my snips and a few bobby pins off of them.

I wrapped wire around the base of the jar mouth so I could attach my chain to it.

Wow… And I thought the apothecary jar tutorial was long. Shows what I know.  Either way though, this was a lot of fun to make and I hope you guys will enjoy the process as well.

Happy horror crafting my friends.

Mason Jar pinhead cushion glamour shot


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