Good morning my friends.
(Or whichever time of day suits you best. I’m currently writing this at 10am, so it currently still counts, although when I finally click “publish” it might not….)

It’s been a long eventful weekend full of more actual danger than I’d like to come up against and holiday shopping. And by shopping I mean I was one of those souls working retail while most folks were out and about. I actually enjoyed it, but I’m beat. So today is another “Slow Burn” Haikuesday where I’ll post as I go. You can see things in process by following me on snapchat. I’m @horrormade. But enough about me. Let’s bully onwards into the comforting caress of this week’s wicked words, starting with a quatrain from our featured poet of the month, Nano Horror:

Bathed in Blood

All bathed in blood, my former self
Is washed far away in the rain.
The wounds have bid their welcome to
The transformative power of my pain.

-Nano Horror (@tweetsthecreeps)

Also, I used this stock photo from www, as a reference while creating that piece of artwork.

Next up, a haiku from Haiku of Horror

Next a haiku from David Tulley, that was both tragic and twistedly funny to me:

hoked sadly

I really liked this word-smithing by @haikuofhorror and it tied so nicely into the one by @Pochassic.

human lobsters

All caught up! Thank you guys so much for joining me. In a lot of ways, I feel like Tuesdays are my therapy. -sounds corny, but it’s true.

Keep on being awesome and use #horrorhaikuesday on Twitter or Instagram so I can find your awesomness and potentially draw it up next week.


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