Deep in the darkest place there is no sleep


No rest or ease of mind


No rest


No dreams of clouds or fantastic places


No rest


Now I  only dream of bad things


Memories that are not my own


Not me


Not  me in my dreams


Only a stranger


Someone stranger than me


A duality that reaches for love but claws at it with reckless abandon


A animal in a cage not of his making who holds the key to his own cell


A cage with no walls yet a prison still it makes


A Shadow Me


Split into many halves


A Shadow Me that creeps in from the dark


Into the waking world  it crawls and shouts vile words at the world around it


Makes me  feel things that I immediately regret…


Just think!


Think and hold onto me myself and the very core of who I am


There is light wanting to spill out like water from a fountain


I feel the light but The Dark traces what it wants of me with sharp claws making sounds like nails on a chalkboard…


Is it too late?


The grin is already on my face and the evil words spill out with sharp points


This is not me I repeat ad nauseam


This is not me


This is not me


This is not




Image by Immortal Alexander

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