This is Richard Ainsworth, investigator , author, and our guest today

Freemasons are real, there’s no denying that. But they’re also incredibly secretive and apparently spent a good deal of time and energy building a little church in a sleepy town that has now sparked and entire series of books. This church’s secrets lead one author down a fascinating rabbit hole of revelations about his very own town.

Most of what you’re about to read is going to make very little sense, out of context, so I recommend you listen to the interview Dan and I did with the author Richard Ainsworth while scrolling through this post. It’s mostly here to give you some visual information about the incredible details Richard Ainswroth (The author of the Widdowshins book series) about the sweet, sinister town of Widdowshins. so pop on over to episode:

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Now, let’s explore the clues this masonic church was hiding. Click on the image to read all of the delightful details that Richard added for us 🙂


Next week, we’ll be getting a behind the scenes look at the team helping Richard publish the Widdowshins series. And if you find this interesting, you should definitely check out Richard’s books:

Find Richard and his work online: 

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Richard, thank you for these pictures and all of the information you shared! And thank you, my delightfully dark reader for visiting! And I’ll talk to you all again on Monday. ❤

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