This is more of a personal post than a structured and prepared one. But *shrugs* whatevs.

13301522_1087841831239097_1372499644111766865_oSo I’ve been thinking a lot about the content I’ve been creating and sharing here, as well as trying to answer my own existential musings revolving around, “What do you want to DO with your life?” That, and suddenly with working an actual part-time job I’ve run out of time to do all of the things.

SO now it’s time for some shifting of focus.

I will say I have been enjoying the heck out of blogging and interacting with you guys, but I know I want to get more focused on my visual art and getting work as an illustrator. So, hopefully, you guys won’t mind, but I’ll be doing more work on art creation specifically.

Because, I have been in life what my blog is here: an enthusiatic, but scattered and unfocused mess. Progress comes with dedicated focus so I’m going to make an attempt at it.

So… here’s the new posting schedule:

  • Mondays: Nothing!
    • I always end up scrambling to finish my posts on Mondays anyway, but now I’ll be able to focus on creating better artwork for #horrorhaikuesday
  • Tuesdays: Horror Haikuesday lives on, just with improving artwork.
  • Wednesdays: Short Stories or Poetry by Immortal Alexander
  • Thursdays: Book Reviews
  • Fridays: A single day of random- because I can’t help it.
    • Podcast convo – about what’s happening with 9th Story
    • I have a few author interviews that need to go up
    • Guest posts will live here
    • Art Videos!
      • Eventually I’ll post an art video every Friday, But I’m going to build up to that and start recording artwork that takes more time to create.

focusedAndromedaI’ll be doing speed paintings,  fan art creation, sketchbook tours, crafty tutorials and further down the line – vlogs. Vlogs will eventually be where I share my more erractic content (like my favorite podcasts or what random adventures I’ve been going on) and where I’ll just take some time to sit and chat with you guys.

Overall, my goal is less quantity, more quality. And a greater focus on where I would personally like to see my skills progress. There’s still a lot on the list of to-do, but it means 2 or 3 posts to write and 1 video to make and edit a week. Add the occasional podcast, my part-time job, and a mild amount of  a social life and I think I’m down to an amount I can actually keep up with.

Thanks for listening to my ramble. What bee is in your bonnet today? This was mine.



4 thoughts

  1. I think that is a very reasonable change-up with a very sound reason.

    What bee is in my bonnet? I have a chance to retire with full benefits in < four years from my IT job. Do I make the leap and remake myself into a writer as my 2nd career and do whatever else to make up the difference, or do I just take the easy route and continue on as I am?

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    1. That’s a very important bee to have in one’s bonnet, Groawf. And knowing your writing I feel like it would blossom even further if you gave it your focus. But I do understand that with the obligations you personally have you need to take a little more into consideration than just what emotionally moves you. As an artist trying to find her voice, the part-time work and full-time creation is though, but rewarding.


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