What happens when you go to a life drawing session (typically a bunch of artists drawing a nude model) and the model can’t make it?

Well, we all awkwardly avoid eye contact for a while, because most of us are realising that we don’t have the guts to it ourselves until one brave soul says, “What the heck, it’s just skin anyway. I’ll do it.” To our brave soul from last night, Mike, THANK YOU.

To those of you, here, Happy Friday! Here’s paintings/sketches I made of Mike during the session last night.

figure drawing sequential art

I love how this pencil sketch came out, although I made his  head too big… But that imaginary hamburger he’s holding is probably going to be delicious. XD

figure drawing sequential art 2

Meh- This one needs more work. But I like where it’s going. Even though it looks like he’s wearing make-up.

figure drawing sequential art 1

I love this one. I used the water colors to find the overall shape of his form before going in with pencil and then refining it more with ink. It was nice kind of working into it backwards, especially since it was such a challenging pose to draw. Those foreshortened hands!!

Also, sorry missing the book review post yesterday. I just am not finished reading this puppy yet. So I’ll post it as soon as I’m done.

What do you think, would you be bold enough to model nude for a bunch of strangers, intent on studying you for art?

7 thoughts

  1. Many things, including the nude part is not something weird or shameful. The people are artists therefore don’t judge your body, but “study” and learn from your body (and are very grateful to you).
    It HUGELY boost my body image confident to a point I never suspected.
    It makes me look at human body in a different way (even though I am already a painter for many years)
    It changed the way i paint a model, as I now much more connected to the model, as I have been “in the other side”
    Finally, being a nude model is a great workout and meditation
    I really recommand as experience if you know a place with people you trust are serious and respectful.

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  2. I’ll do. I did quite a few time actually, as I ran into this situation, someone has to replace the model aaaand when asked I heard myself replying “well why not? I know what to do already! It’s just… “my turn”.

    What I never expected was how much I would learned about myself by being a model 🙂

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  3. Now that’s an interesting question, because the nude part probably wouldn’t really bother me, but the just sitting there might. I guess if I could read a book, or maybe sketch the people sketching me while I’m at it ….

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    1. Yeah, sitting exactly still for 30 minutes at a go, i don’t know how I’ll manage. (I’m modeling in august, but I’ll be in costume). It’s the nude part i don’t think i could do. That, and facing the weird soft part of under my chin. It’s aaaalmost a double chin, but i like to pretend it isn’t there. When drawn, everybody sees it. .. ah well, that I’ll have to just deal with.


      1. ^v^ My wife has a pseudo-double chin hint. It’s not really, but something in the way her head is constructed makes it look like that way. It runs as far back as there are living relatives and photographs of women in her mother’s line. I tell her it is a beauty feature of women in her family, but it doesn’t help.

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