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Earlier today we heard from the author L.M.Pruitt about some of her thoughts on horror, now I’m taking a look at her newest book, Silk.


silk cover pruittWritten by: L.M. Pruitt

Genre: Horror

Publishing Info: SP Press (April 19, 2016)

Book Description:

They called it the murder tree.

In 1995, twenty kids went in to the woods. Only three came back alive.

There are monsters in the woods.

Twenty years later, what happened is still a mystery.

The monsters are back.

Now, the town of Silk faces its greatest threat in over two hundred years. No one is safe.

Not even the monsters. [amazon]


I will happily say that the description of the book captured my attention from the get-go. The mystery introduced was incredibly enticing. And that’s why- even though I said just last week, “no more Monday posts!”- I signed right on up to review this book… on a Monday… And I don’t feel like it let me down at all.

The introduction hooks you immediately, with a group of kids camping out in the woods and telling tales of the gruesome murders that founded their town way-back-when. The legend they share is entrancing, but just as interesting is watching the teens interact with each other and seeing the foundations of maturing relationships blossoming in their introductions. That, and the horrifying, yet not fully spelled out incident that follows, setting up the broken nature of the characters when we flash forward to their adulthood.

The Mystery

As you progress through the story there are tons of little crumbs leading you to the interesting end of the story, but I will say- the mystery of “who’s the bad-guy” was a little too transparent too soon. Mysteries lose some of their power once you know where it’s coming from. Yet, the story surprised me. There were moments when I thought I’d figured out what was ahead and the characters took a route I wasn’t expecting. So bonus points for keeping me guessing.


For the most part I found the characters of the story relate-able. Some were a little under-developed for my liking – like some of the town’s folk, but the leading characters had some good depth and complexity built into them that made up for it.

I enjoyed the mystery of this book, as well as the way it approached its monsters. I was constantly asking myself, “Are these real monsters, crazed fears in the minds of the townspeople, or something else all together?” And it was how the story toyed with answering those questions that made it so enjoyable of a read.


4 out of 5 blood spattered stars. To compare this book to others similar to it, is to give away spoilery details, so I’ll instead say ” If you enjoy a good twisted horror/mystery you’ll enjoy reading this book.

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