ainsworth PT 2 thumbWhat do you do when you have an entire book series planned out, with several of the books already written but no publisher will touch your work because it just doesn’t fit neatly into the genre box? That’s one of the many topic Dan, Richard Ainworth and I got into during the second half of Richard’s interview, which you can listen to on over on episode 406  on the 9th Story website or on your favorite podcast player:

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After multiple publishers said, “I don’t get it,” Widdowshins’ publication came down to Richard’s friends and people who read and loved his stories to help bring them into the world. It’s pretty inspiring to hear how his stories started off as the ugly duckling in the slush pile and into a growing team of  people working to bring the stories out into the world.



The last time I spoke about Richard here I shared some of his mysterious discoveries about the Masonic Church that spawned the Widdowshins series. and I mentioned I had a few more tidbits from Richard to share. So here are those tidbits.

Have a gander at the real places that the books have been telling the stories of:

The internet has changed how publishing works and it means stories that didn’t quite fit before can actually be shared with the world, and I think that’s a magical thing. I, for one, have been enjoying those stories that don’t quite fit, but are brilliant anyway. What are your thoughts on the age of digital publishing?

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