Hello readers. Today I decided to do something a little different. Instead of my normal creepy tale or dark poem I wanted to share something a little more intimate, how I am feeling. I hope I do not offend. That is not my intention. So please read on with an open mind and I am sure all will be fine. Today I present you with my inner thought:


The world is full of dark corners where love has no meaning. Where life is cheap, and death lines the pockets of those in power. Where those who are supposed to be our voice in a world of madness instead tell lies to make themselves seem more important then the rest of us.

We believe that reason can be our shield, and our words can be the sword that pierces the darkness. If our words only reach those who’s heads were nodding before we even spoke did we truly make a difference?

Why has our reason and ability to have a true conversation been replaced by fear and hate? Why are we so quick to shut up the opposition of our perspectives before two words are uttered between us? Why is it so hard to just, listen?

When a child has been abused we sit and listen patiently to try and understand why they hurt. When an adult is so utterly afraid that their only means of communication is to shout their opinion from the hilltops we do not stop and listen. Not to the words but to the why. Why are they afraid? Why are they angry? Why do they hurt?

Even someone with the most vile opinion of his or her fellow human beings has a right to be afraid. That does not mean that they understand their fear, or if their anger is focused at the the one who is truly causing them to be afraid.

Fear is the focus of my tales, but it is meant to be a playful fear to entertain us. Not the kind of true horror we face every time we go on the internet or turn on a TV. True horror has a face that is unclear, unfocused.

A face that changes daily but is still somehow the same. Color, creed, race, or religion have no bearing on this face. It is the face of fear we see on the news. It is not the face of reason or understanding. Fear is a strong beast. One that creeps into our subconscious making us rash and disconnected from our words.

Disconnected to how our words, no matter how true, spread the fear we so loathe.

Hope, it is a four letter word that is not as sharp as the other four letter words. It is though a word that makes us feel something other than, fear.


How are you? Are you afraid of something? Share:













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