When the hero comes to kill my master does he know

Does he know that I am waiting

Steel gauntlets gripping a halberd ax

My armor is strong

Tempered steel

My rusted gears are creaky and old

But they have been very reliable with heroes past

A dark slit in my helm ignites red before I strike

Does he know that I am alive

Does he know what I am

Who I was…

I was an adventurer just like him once

I came to this dimly lit stone castle to vanquish the evil within

To destroy the vampire

I was weak

I was captured

I was


Soul ripped from my frail human shell

Placed in this machine

As fuel

No will

No way out

I don’t want to die

My gears are rusty

The hero approaches

Destroying candles with his whip

The light is dimming and I am afraid

Afraid to die

Afraid my gears will lock and I will fall

One by one my armor clad brothers crumble from brutal strikes

I am still

I am waiting

My gears shudder

Ready to strike

He cracks his whip and


A head rolls

Wet and bloody

The hero’s body falls

My soul relaxes

Returns to a green glow deep within this shell

Footsteps in the dark

A new hero emerges

Barely illuminated

My gears are rusty


This is the end

I am not ready

Whip strikes

Piercing the dark

And me

Armor crumbles

I am no longer afraid


Bats emerge from crumbled gravestone flying off to @HtvImmortal











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