Hello my friend and welcome to a fresh new Horror Haikuesday, with July having arrived I’d like to introduce you to this month’s featured poet, David Bradley Bailey, whom you may know better as @Dbfuturist42. David is a writing and blogger on totaltext.wordpress.com and has been one of the #horrorhaikuesday crew pretty much from the get-go.

He recently released a collection of poems based around #horrorhaikesday and #folklorethursday so I invited him to share some of his longer form poetry here with us this month. You can find his book here: Sutures and Sepultures Vol. 1.

I (finally) have things for sale as well, so if you like my artwork and would like to help me keep making it, you can buy prints through my new ArtPal Gallery. More Artwork coming to digital stores near you in the future as well 🙂

Here is the first of his poems for the month:


ink and watercolor horror painting, worms, and decay
May-Hap Decay

It starts as a larva burrowing into
The white of your eyes. She breaks
Through to the iris, dominating what’s left-
Of your vision, a constant reminder
That eventually, he will blind you. Try-
To enjoy the colors while you can,
Child of the third world. Jesus loves you
This I know, though your skull is throbbing
So. Pray, if you see any point in that anymore.
Close your eyes (It’s not like you can see-
Out of them anyway.) Ask God to let
The pain in your mouth be something
Other than Noma. Beg hard enough
To break through your lack of faith.
But know that YHWH’s blessings are
As strange as his ways. Suffer for faith,
For man, for a Just God. Suffer
In the knowledge that he never cared.

~Written by David Bradley Bailey


Next up from the Twitterverse, A terribly clever rhyme from Noble Gaming:



The overall theme this week seems to be the horrifying inevitable fate we all face. What do you think Haiku of Horror?

But don’t worry, there’s something even worse rising up from the depths today, called forth by Pochassic:

cthulhu crawls on back.jpg

I may have fallen a little too in love with those effects brushes…. Glowing awesomeness and flames!!! BWAHAHAHAHA! *clears throat* anywhoo…

Thank you guys for playing again this week! ❤

If you’re new, use #horrorhaikuesday on Twitter or Instagram and share you horror haiku for a chance to be featured here next week. Have a wicked one my friend.

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