Welcome to another edition of Horror Haikuesday, you guys keep rocking my week with your words.

First up, a deviously foul piece from the twisted mind of David Bradley Bailey (@Dbfuturist42) who’s collected works of #horrorhaikuesday and #folklorethursday are available now on Amazon.


vultureBrighterfor web
The Prophet

Vlad Dracula and Mao both reveled
In the use of excrement to exacerbate
The stench and horror of their creative,
Unique, snowflake methods of execution.

The taste of waste on your tongue
Or smeared into the depths of your torn
Flesh is a new baptism beneath ideologues,
Demanding a perverse and pulsing loyalty.

Don’t think these visions are confined
To a past better forgotten or sealed
Within medieval woodcuts.
There are those circling as vultures

do…licking their lips at the prospect
Of power.

~Written by David Bradley Bailey 


If you like this artwork you can purchase a print of it in my new Horror Made ArtPal Gallery. Any purchases you make help me to keep creating, so thank you for the support!

Onwards to the rest of our featured poems of the day:

toohot tosleep


Thank you guys for sharing your delightfully dark talents 🙂 and I’ll see you next week!

Make sure to #horrorhaikuesday so I can find your work and potentially feature it here next week.

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