Good [insert time of day here] to you, my friends. I’m apparently in spaz-mode this week, so my apologies for the tardy post today. I have so many pots on the metaphorical stove right now it’s ridiculous. But I’ll return to that topic after we get to the mystery and whiskey.

407 Legends myths and whiskeySo, a little ways back Dan and I had the pleasure of interviewing a storytelling podcaster by the name of Tanner Campbell.

Tanner, along with having a kick-ass last name, hosts the Legends, Myths and Whiskey podcast sharing his whiskey review of the week with folklore tales gathered from around the world.

I love exploring the world, and this podcast allows me to do so with my eyes closed learning even more about different cultures than I might by just studying the facts. Because, whether we realize it or not, our stories capture more of our society than just the tales we’re trying to tell.

So if you’d like to hear more from the interview then pop on over to your favorite pod-player and have a listen to.

The 9th Story – Listen and Subscribe

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As for the many tangents I mentioned at the beginning, I’ll fill you in on a few.

I’ve started recording and editing more speed paint videos for YouTube, and I’m currently aiming to have them go live weekly on Thursdays at noon starting August 4th. With these videos I’m experimenting with something a little bit different. Teaching. The videos will have the speed paint visuals, but have audio content more like a podcast. I’ll be talking about techniques I use in the artwork, as well as sharing some of the things I’ve been learning and trying in the realm of making a living from the art.

A big part of what’s fueling this video series is you. When I posted on Facebook that I was finally able to monetize my blog with WordAds, not only did I get a lot of congrats (thank you, btw) but I also got a fair number of messages with questions about how to do it.

Am I an expert? Not yet. But I know we’re all on this journey to sustain ourselves and to tell these stories that are trapped in our heads together, so I figured I might as well share what I’ve been learning along the way.

money and art and cthulhu thumbnail youtube
This is the thumbnail for one of the videos I have recorded

So, if you have questions about something I’m doing, ask away. I’ll make videos specifically to help answer where I can.


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