Hello again my friend 🙂

Today is the last of the set of poems from our featured poet of the month, David Bradley Bailey (@Dbfuturist42) author of Sutures and Sepultures Vol. 1.


I am seduced by
The cold of water thirty
Stories below.

-written by David Bradley Bailey

seduced by the cold water3

Next is a collection of 3 haiku from Haiku of Horror that caught my attention and fascination, based on Season of the Witch. 
*EDIT* (Thank you for correcting my error in calling it Halloween:Season of the Witch,  Edward!)

season of the witch sm



See you guys next week! Remember to use #horrorhaikuesday on twitter so I can find the delightfully dark things you’ve written. ❤

4 thoughts

  1. Just FYI, it’s not Halloween: Season of the Witch. It’s just Season of the Witch, a 1972 George A. Romero film that was also billed as Hungry Wives.


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