Happy #HorrorHaikuesday! For the last few days I’ve been binge playing Undertale so this morning has arrived and I’m still finishing up the artwork. (That game is amazing and impossible to put down btw.) But I have a few things to share to get your day started anyway.

undertale xscreen8

If you’re looking for some inspiration this Haikuesday check out #horrorprompt

Here’s mine:

I figured it out.
Now my soul is nailed to the
wall dripping out hope.

Glistening with lost
Compassion, streaming away
who I was, in blood

~Jeanette Andromeda

And here are the poems I illustrated today.

Side note:

I also shared the making of process of these on snapchat as an experiment. It was fun to do actually, so I might do it again. Although it would probably be better to livestream in the evening… You know, for those of us who work during the day… which is normally me as well.  The long and short of why? I’m playing with platforms and figuring out which ones I like best. WordPress and Twitter are the hardcore winners atm.

smile melting sm

THIS sketch took me FOREVER to get to a point where she didn’t look cross eyed. Thankfully I did do a screen recording of this one so you’ll eventually get to see just how much I mucked about with this.


Happy Haikuesday to you! And I’ll be watching what you’re sharing over on #horrorhaikuesday on twitter for the poems to feature next week.

Ta Ta for now ❤

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