Happy #HorrorHaikuesday! I’m making the artwork on the morning of, once again. Mostly because last week’s snapchat was a ton of fun. But also because I spent the last week traveling around on planes and hanging out with my grandma. (She’s almost 90! And still totally a cool lady.)


snapcodeaug2016SO, If you’re reading this on the day, you can follow the story as I make today’s artwork by adding me on snapchat.

If not, no worries, you mostly just missed me reading the haiku as they came out and me telling my drawing hand to behave.


For inspiration, here’s this week’s #horrorpromt

Here’s mine:


Skin bleeds under chains

Even locked, they weren’t enough

to save you from me.

~Jeanette Andromeda

There were a ton of cool poems from last week, but one that caught my attention was  one with artwork from one of my new favorite podcasts, @justastorypod(BTW, if you like urban legends, and learning about the bizarre history behind them DO give their show a listen. It’s seriously fantastic.)

And here are the poems I illustrated throughout the day:


And theeeeeeen

satangrows in powerSM

Thanks for visiting! And remember to use #horrorhaikuesday on twitter for a chance to have your haiku illustrated here next week.

Thanks for making today amazing ❤

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