There are those of us that are meant for this world. The world of sunshine, cool breezes, and pop music. Those who reach for the light and the bright cheerful moments life has to offer.

Then there are those who find peace in silence. The cold and the dark are their only friends. They are not compatible with the living. They are not compatible with this world.

While you lay on the beach listening to the seagulls caw, and the children play they stare silently at the sand. It’s corse nature feels more grounded, more real. This is especially true of wet sand whose brine and salt of the sea makes it feel more like… home.

They raise their gaze and look lovingly at the dark and murky depths beyond the shallows, beneath the wake. Where a dim beacon calls, and the dead await.

Small steps into the water. Small steps beyond the waves. Small steps until there are no more steps to be taken. Until their bodies move toward their destination with ease. Until they no longer, float. Until they glide, and descend into the dark.

The world of light slips away from view, and the dark abyss stretches endlessly. The faint glow of a million tiny souls greet them. Their glow is as cool and dark as the glow in their own mortal husks, and for the first time, The Dark Ones smile.

In cold, in the dark, they are not alone. They will never be alone again.


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Anchors must be cut free before they drag us below the depths, fathoms deep into the dark. Share your thoughts and creative works with me on twitter: @HtvImmortal



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