a question for youHuzzah! Questions and  Answer Friday has officially begun! (Now to become a weekly session). Last week’s answers are up first, followed by this week’s question featuring Stranger Things.


Last week I asked,

If you had all the money you needed to make your own horror film, where would it take place? [A question for you]

You guys answered with some clever clever things, and in all sorts of different places. Here are your answers.

Annette from bookblather.wordpress.com said this:annette

I think that would be such a cool setting for a ghost story. ❤ Did you know that the set designers from the movie Caspar drew inspiration from Antoni Gaudi too?


From Facebook, the author Stephen Kozniewski.


Based on this video alone, I feel like I get it.

And last but not least, a new friend from Snapchat, @smamnthakay.

She had a kick-ass idea about people surviving zombie attacks in a subway. Imagine the claustrophobia!!


Question of the Week

This week’s question comes in the form of a Twitter poll (if you don’t have Twitter, leave your answer in the comment section below).  I’ll have a surprise made for one person who answers the poll revealed in the post next week.



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