The Question

Here’s this week’s question:

Or on the opposite end of the question are you excited to see one of these remade? I’m kind of looking forward to seeing The Birds revisited, but The Craft? Why remake that?!

Hidden in this post from the Telegraph, you can see what remakes are coming up soon. There’s… a lot.

Your Answers

And here’s the poll answers from last week: It was a close one between nail covered bat and eggos, but nail covered bat took the lead!


There were also some fantastic answers to my question over on Facebook:

Here’s the free form answers you guys gave:

  1. Eleven
  2. One of those Hazmat suits and a flamethrower
  3. My own incredible powers (Patrick)
  4. The Deadites (yes!)
  5. Me and my very large sword (Drew)
  6. Bruce Campbell
  7. Helen Ripley
  8. Invisibility Cloak


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