Welcome, my life is crazy, yet somehow, I will make the artistic adventure that is Horror Haikuesday, although only one piece of artwork today. Snap Chat will have dramatic readings of the poetry you guys create today. As performed by an exhausted, paint covered me 🙂 (Here’s my snapchat code)

Why is my life crazy? Oh, you see, I’m actually in the process of moving out of my apartment, and I have until tomorrow night to get everything out and the walls repainted. Immortal Alexander and I have made a lot of great progress, but… There’s still a ton of work to get done. Couches to destroy, white paint to finish adding. There’s so much white paint… Fun fact about me. I find white walls sterile, uninspired, and claustrophobic to live in.  But anyway, enough about me.

Here’s this week’s #horrorprompt:

My response:


Mouth dripping venom

Anticipating the taste

of your scrumptious shell.

~Jeanette Andromeda


Here’s some awesome things from the Just a Story Podcast (based on their FANTASTIC episode on the Night March of Hawaii BTW):

Up next a haiku from new addition to our crew:

at the stake sm

Sorry for the short post today, but thank you for your support and weekly creepy awesomeness!

Use #horrorhaikuesday on twitter to join in 🙂

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