Now, something I often think about and totally do, is judging books by their covers. I know, as an artist, that I can’t really help it. I also know that as visual creatures, most of us can’t help it. The cover of a book should tell someone enough of the story inside so they’re intrigued enough to buy it. That’s why I’m very excited to introduce today’s second guest author, Luke Ahearn. Luke is also an artist, and he specializes in creating book covers for genre books. Let’s hear from him now.

(As a side note, DO check out his website even if you aren’t an author in need of a book cover. I looked at his page a seriously said out loud, “Holy S**t. I’m impressed.”)




Guest post author: Luke Ahearn

Cheap covers are costly!

03If you’ve written a book, spent countless hours on your dream, and are ready to self-publish you know how important a great cover is. It’s an accepted necessity. What you might not know is that one pretty image is not the end of what you will need, it is just the beginning.

You will quickly discover that you need a long list of variations and derivative graphic materials and it’s all these added and unforeseen items that drive up the actual cost of a cheap cover. Unlike other designers that charge you some pretty hefty fees for every little thing they do, I do it all for one cost.

And, unlike most designers, I am a successfully published writer of both fiction and nonfiction. I’ve created, designed, and have seen the end results of my cover work going back decades. I’ve done it on my own and with large publishers.


Among the things you might find yourself needing, almost immediately, are assorted sizes, formats, and layouts of your cover. There will be tweaks and changes along the way such as adding reviews and updated copy. You might even need to add an award medallion or indicate that your book is now the first book in a series.

05If you do any marketing, and you will need to if you want to sell any books, you will need a 3D version of the cover, banners, ads, and even an audio-book version of the cover. It’s all included in one price with me. Go price all that with another designer or service.

I don’t sell a cover and wipe my hands of you. I don’t sell packages, just waiting for you to come back for more, I sell a professional cover with my ongoing support and service. Getting a cover for your book is only the beginning of your needs. A cheap cover will soon cost much more than my complete cover service.  lukeahearn.com

About the Designer

luke ahearnI’m a book cover designer. I’ve been an artist since I can remember and have over 20 years of experience as a professional artist creating computer games, physical props, digital art such as book covers and digital murals, and a large body of 3D work.

I am also a commercially successful author with 10 nonfiction books to my credit (many in their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th editions) and several fiction pieces, including a series of zombie novels. I’ve done the covers for all of my books. My skill and experience in various art styles and forms, as well as my understanding of traditional and indie publishing, makes me a particularly effective book cover designer.

lukeahearn.com ♦ facebook.com/CreativeCoverDesigns


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