Bewitching Booktours has brought a few Horror Made treats to the site today. Here is the first with a guest post from the author, R.A. Boyd about her thoughts on the big upcoming Hallowread.


Guest Post Author: R.A. Boyd

RA Boyd huntedIn the middle of the woods at the abandoned Patapsco Female Institute, I was silently followed by Dracula’s minion Renfield. It was awesome. In a Victorian Tea Room, a mechanical parrot squawked at me every time I got a little too close to its owner. The picture still makes me smile. And at a pub in Ellicott City surrounded by many of the featured authors of the HallowRead, I was encouraged to stop worrying about what was practical and let my stories be heard. I listened.

The Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Horror and Steam Punk sanctuary that I found at the HallowRead mini-con was the push I needed to start writing again and seek publication. Watching the authors answer questions about gods and devils, angels and demons, shifters and other supernatural beings put a picture in my head of me answering those same questions as a panelist, and meeting the wonderful people who loved to read about them. When Rachel MacNeil Rawlings, founder of the HallowRead and amazing author, told me I would be a featured author at this year’s event, I felt like a teenage girl who had just been introduced to her favorite boyband.

After a few short stories, articles and two self-published books I’ve found that there is an audience for a group of angels and demons who live in the same neighborhood; that werewolves and Lilith, first wife of Adam, have a lot in common, and that the ghost of the little girl in the swimming pool isn’t really as nice as she looks.

The HallowRead is a place where you can meet your favorite authors, find new books, and maybe even do a little ghost hunting. Classes, interactive plays, and a Steam Punk Tea are just a few of the great events that have been available at the HallowRead in the past and I’m excited to see what this year’s mini-con will bring.

Hunted by Angels: Demon/Angel Romance



About today’s Author

R.A. BoydR.A. Boyd is a writer, and reader, of paranormal romance, horror and urban fantasy. She lives in Maryland with her husband, daughter and her massive collection of books. Seriously. Her books have their own room. Her books in the Line of Lilith series can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Connect With R.A. Boyd

RA Boyd Lady and the PackWEBSITE:





Lady and the Pack

hallowread bbb ad

About Hallowread

Hallowread is a book festival and mini-con for authors and fans of Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Steam Punk and Horror.

October 21-23 2016 in Havre de Grace, Maryland!

Multi author event with various activities throughout the weekend including Writing Workshops, Ghost Tour, SteamPunk Author Tea, Author Panels, Book Signing, Paranormal Investigation and so much more. Hang out with your favorite authors in our new host city, the haunted and historic town of Havre de Grace, Maryland!

Local Maryland author of dark urban fantasy, Rachel Rawlings, had a crazy idea. Create a book convention for genre fiction and hold it the weekend before Halloween. Haunted and historic Ellicott City held a special place in her heart so there was no other place to take her first ever convention. The town welcomed her and HallowRead with open arms. Each ticket sold helped raise money for the Ellicott City Partnership- a coalition of residents and business owners for the betterment of the town. HallowRead raised money for projects like rain barrels which help reduce the sediment and contaminants running into the Patapsco River and fund grants for projects like Paint Main Street which helped small business owners get a much needed fresh coat of paint improving the moral and over all appearance of the town.

Rachel is excited to take the convention on the road for 2016 and raise funds for Harford County literacy programs and the local library system! One ticket, whether it’s a $10 paranormal investigation or the full monty ticket, makes a difference for the town and the wonderful people who call it home, something Rachel is extremely proud of.

Click here to see a list of HallowRead events

Get your tickets here: 

See a list of attending authors here:

Author Opportunities still available!

Interested in participating in HallowRead?

Registration of $35.00 includes a feature on panels, the signing, website and social media, plus other special incentives!


About the Founder of Hallowread:

rachel rawlingsRachel Rawlings was born and raised in the Baltimore Metropolitan area. Her family, originally from Rhode Island, spent summers in New England sparking her fascination with Salem, MA. She has been writing fictional stories and poems since middle school, but it wasn’t until 2009 that she found the inspiration to create her heroine Maurin Kincaide and complete her first full length novel, The Morrigna.

When she isn’t writing, Rachel can often be found with her nose buried in a good book. An avid reader of Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, Horror and Steampunk herself, Rachel founded Hallowread- an interactive convention for both authors and fans of those genres.

More information on Hallowread, its schedule of events and participating authors can be found at  and .

She still lives in Maryland with her husband and three children.

 ♦ ♦  ♦ @rachelsbooks  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦    ♦

Goodreads Author Page  ♦  Amazon Author Page

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