In the space between creation there is nothingness

A void where all is barren

No light

No color

No sound

A deep calm before the storm rises

In the distance an echo stirs

An idea?

Perhaps nothing at all

Perhaps a spark of an idea that was not strong enough to emerge from the void


I sit here for what seems like an eternity

In my nothing space

Devoid of useful thought or creativity

I sit and wait with monk-like patience

I move my focus inward to feel for the dream

It is elusive

A wiggly worm that slips out of my grasp as soon as I reach for it

I focus harder

I shut my eyes so tight that the tiny blood vessels may burst at any moment

I feel something

A rumbling in my soul that is building like a low drum beat

Tum, Tum, TUM!

Rising like thunder

Heat like a waking volcano

Warm air escapes my nostrils and I breath fire

My eyes glowing like burning embers in the dark

Flames escape my lips and the imagination is no longer bound within my frail form

I am can not contain it

I crack and fizzle

My body breaks and slips as the flames made up of all the spectral colors bust from the seams

An explosion of color and sound burst out and splash on every surface

A void no longer

The muses sing in the new world

A world of light, color, and sound


The nothing consumes all imagination. Speak her name to save the land. Speak my name to save on characters. @HtvImmortal


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