lighthouse-540792_1920I keep imagining moving to the dramatically rocky and gloomy coast of Maine and living on the seaside. I imagine, someday, I’ll be able to watch a storm rage and thrash through the ocean while sipping coffee and then turn back to my heavy mahogany desk where a pile of illustrations are waiting for me to finish up with. My imaginary home office is pretty fantastic too. Big shelves full of horror, art, and occult books will loom over me, bringing me a comforting feeling of a cozy crypt. A fireplace will offer a warm crackling chatter next to me, where a few threadbare chairs from a by-gone age wait patiently for my next visitor.


*sigh* That is my happy place right now. Which makes the chaos of moving that much more bare-able. Immortal Alexander and I are out of our old apartment, and now on the hunt to find the perfect, affordable, 2 bedroom apartment in a neighborhood with trees. (Treeeeeees… They are us. Treeeeeees ) (( If you get that reference you get 20 internet awesome points)). I know, within  2 years I’ll be able to make that dream a reality.


dark-haul-35094Because my dear, I’m feel like I’m finally on the right path again. I’ve followed many. I was a theater kid all the way through high school and into college until I discovered the thrill of working on film sets. Then I had a stint of indie film-making that did allow me to reach my bizarre yet big life goal of making a movie for the SyFy channel. Which I did. It’s as hokie and dreadful and hilarious as you’d expect and I’m proud of it. 😉

Now, I’ve found that all the random things I do online have helped me find my answer to “what’s next?” I’ve been hired to illustrate a couple books, in fact two should be out in the world as of next year.  I’ve been creating concept art for a production company. I’ve managed to start selling my artwork online and I’m ecstatic that you guys seem to be liking it. I’ve joined the Scream Sister’s Podcast, Alexander and I are taking over the 9th Story Podcast and I have the distinct honor of being the new interviewer for the Wicked Library!

I love creating this blog and even more than that, I love the people that blogging has brought into my life. This past year, I’ve made some truly amazing friends and artistic collaborators. And I couldn’t be happier.

So what’s coming to Horror Made this Halloween season?

A ton.

My problem, as usual, is narrowing down what I most want to do and making sure I have enough time to follow through with everything. I am glad the art exhibit this year is up now, instead of October. I’ve done a Halloween show before, but that was just too much all at once.

This year, here’s what’s happening:

  1. I’ll be attending a Stephen King Movie Marathon Extravaganza
  2. 31 days of Inktober featuring my favorite horror podcasts and Iconic characters
  3. A Trip to Sleepy Hallow to explore the “Blaze”- a pumpkin lighting festival
  4. Rock and Shock – the horror/music festival
  5. Recording a documentary with the Deadites – although that will mostly be Immortal Alexander’s baby
  6. Visiting the illustrious Dan Foytik in his home town, along with my growing tribe of podcasting family ❤
  7. Which will hopefully mean a tour or tour video of somewhere delightfully dark in that corner of the underside
  8. I’m working on getting into a haunted trail to do as a SnapChat tour video but more on that as I wait for email responses
  9. And last but not least, I’m finding poets to feature for the month of October as part of the Horror Haikuesday collections.

So.. now you’re pretty much up to date. 🙂 What do you have planned for Halloween/October? Let me know in the comments below.

2 thoughts

  1. So proud of you Jeanette! You’re doing amazing stuff and I’m looking forward to a fun October through your eyes! I’ve been making plans for my office/recording studio, so I know about the dreaming and visualizing the perfect create space. For October, History Goes Bump has 11 episodes on the calendar – we do an episode every other day the week before Halloween – that include some creepy topics and places and we have our 2nd year anniversary on Oct. 1st. We plan on visiting some Halloween events in the area, including Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, of course.

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