Bloodshot eyes staring at a glowing screen in the dark

Sweaty palms, and sweat soaked clothes cling to my body

I’m in the zone

Only three more levels to go

I am the only one awake

My blistered thumbs press on through the pain

I feverishly press left, then a quick right, X, B, Y, A

If I keep going it will be day soon

Almost there

Just one more checkpoint

My character moves stealthily down darkened corridors

Strange beasts await me around each corner

I am afraid but I press on

Only one more checkpoint and I will turn it off

I repeat this to myself over and over

Each checkpoint I reach I promise will be the last

I should sleep but I must press on

The volume is kept low

Don’t want to wake her

Then a sound

Not from the speakers but from down the hall

I pause my game and slowly rise to investigate

I sneak toward the dark and peer into the bedroom

Still asleep

I walk further into the dark and pause

The sound is no longer in front of me

Hot breath on my shoulder

I turn slowly

Green eyes hovering two feet above me in the dark

Just one more checkpoint please?


The image for this weeks poem comes from the horror web series Haunting Light which I wrote / directed, and Ms. Andromeda designed the look of. You can find the episodes here:

Follow me on twitter and share some of your scary gaming stories! @HtvImmortal

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