We usually don’t do posts on a Monday but today was a special occasion so we decided to talk about two new and exciting things in the world of Horror Made.

Fist off it is with great excitement that Ms. Andromeda and I would like to tell you that we will be taking over the most amazing storyteller podcast The 9th Story! This podcast is the brain child of the extraordinarily talented Daniel Foytik who is the current host of The 9th Story, The Wicked Library, and The Lift. All of these podcasts are simply amazing and Jeanette and I are very lucky to be given this opportunity. Jeanette is currently co-hosting the 9th Story with Daniel, and we will be taking over as soon as we can clear some time in our schedule to get some fantastic interviews recorded for the show.

Our other piece of fantastic news is that RODE will be sponsoring us by providing us with RODE PROCASTER microphones.


These are absolutely fantastic microphones and we are very excited to put them through their paces once we get them in hand. I mean look at it! It’s a work of art! A thing of beauty! So now not only can you hear Ms. Andromeda but also my own sulty voice as we take you down the creepy coridors of The 9th Story!

You can find out more about the RODE PROCASTER here:

We will be sticking to the horror theme that all of you love for The 9th Story podcast, so need to worry. Our plan is to interview horror writers of books, film, and television, and to perform a short piece or excerpt from their work. We will also be taking you on a journey into the world of stories and dark poetry written by myself and Ms. Andromeda. immortalandromedaJeanette is currenly writing a fantasy adventure novel with some sprinkles of absolute terror. I am also writing a novel, but mine is a horror adventure novel that features a young First Nation woman who is battling woman hood and a supernatural creature that hungers for human flesh. As you know I write horror for this blog. I will be performing some of my short works along with some new stuff on The 9th Story to keep you coming back for more!

hlThank you so much RODE for providing us with the tools to create the new sound of The 9th Story! We will be doing some fun audio tests over on the Horror Made YouTube channel which we will share shortly.

Here is a link to the 9th Story Podcast:  http://www.9thstory.com/

There you can here Ms. Andromeda in action,  and also find out more about The Wicked Library horror story podcast. If you are feeling brave come take a ride on The Lift here. http://victoriaslift.com/

We can’t wait for you to hear us on air. Sleep tight and don’t let the undead bite! See you on twitter @HtvImmortal





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