What do you  when ignorace and hate follow you

When an adult acts like a child

When those you care about treat you with malice

When you are used up, and disgarded like refuse

Left to rot and stink in the sun

Do you wither

Do you relent


Not this Italian fellow

I do not relent and I am no doormat

I do not stand idly by and take unearned malice

I simply sit quietly in the corner with a blunt object in my hand

I do not threaten, but I also do not make idle threats

I simply wait and smile a smile so wide it boarders on dimented

So do not take me for a easy target

Do not shout vile words my way when I have been nothing but kind

For I am like a sleeping shark, and my eyes never shut


I am like water. Most days I am calm and go with the flow, but do not think me safe if you swim into deep waters. Poke the sharks and they will shurly bite. Disrespect the waves and you will shurly be caught in the eye of a huricane. What do you do when treated with malice without cause? Tweet me your experiences @HtvImmortal


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