Immortal Alexander here. Last week’s poll was about calling Bloody Mary 3 times in the mirror and asking “What’s in your reflection?” You voted and here’s the results:

33%  Just your reflection

33%  A shadow form behind you
17%  Your face sans flesh
17%  Bloody Mary reaching 4 U

Definitely weird results. We have a double tie for first and last place. Maybe Bloody Mary got to you first and rigged the vote with threats of bloody revenge if you didn’t do as she told. We’ll probably never know. Oh well, onto this week’s question.


You are presented a old wooden box from a mysterious craggily old man. He warns you never to open it. You accept it with a bit of unease. A question begins to burn in the back of your mind the moment it’s placed in your shaking hands, what’s in the box?

Hope you have a wonderfully horrific weekend. Share your terror with me @HtvImmortal

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