This week instead of a simple short story or a poem I am sharing a stream of consciousness with you lovely readers. I love to dream. I love it so much that it takes over every aspect of my life.  I am often unsure if I am awake. The best way I can describe it is a…


I am always dreaming. Always in the space between the waking world and the dream. When I write I feel the strong pull from the dream world compelling me to stay there and never leave. It is hard for me to be here in this harsh reality when all I want to do is stay in that realm of pure imagination. I am trying to love this more tangible world. I do need to try harder. I do love you all so very much, but the dream, it calls.

I have been in love with the world of dreams from the moment my consciousness awakened. It the womb worlds of living tissues that stretched out to infinity would beckon me.

The waking world can be so harsh, so ugly, but also extraordinarily beautiful. It is full of lovely souls that are willing to share all that they are to anyone who will listen. Lovely souls that are wholly unafraid to give.

When I was young I would never be present. I was always elsewhere. In a place full of adventure, excitement, and castles in the clouds. As I grew older the dreams grew darker. Full of crawling things in the dark, and menacing monster who would chase me through my dreams, mouths agape, ready to consume me. I don’t remember my dreams anymore. Not the ones that I dream at night. Only my dreams when daylight peaks into my brain causing things to get a bit, fuzzy.

I am now very in tune with my subconscious during the day. I think it is why I don’t remember my dreams. They feel cheated that I don’t love them as much, my dreams that is. They are angry that I can just pull whatever I want from the intangible plain at will without their consent. That I am feeding off of them but I do not nourish them with my presence. That entertaining the waking world has become my new obsession.

I don’t sleep well anymore. A small price to pay for the wonderful treasures I can take from the secrets places in my mind to share with all of you. Don’t you agree?


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