There are seriously so many incredible horror books coming out this year it’s hard to keep up with. And I’m not even talking about our main stream buddies, I’m talking kick-ass literary indie horror. SO rather than streeeeeeetch out all of these glorious books into next year sometime as a review, here’s

New horror books to get you in the mood for Halloween

PS, links to Amazon are affiliate links, meaning if your purchase any of these book through these links Amazon will know I sent you and will send a teensy weensy bit of the sale to me, without anything added to you purchase. It helps me keep the internet turned on. ❤

PPS. The last one on the list will absolutely surprise you. 😉

1 – Tricks and Treats

Edited by Stacey Longo with foreword by Rob Watts

img_4646First off, Books and Boos Press has a new volume out in time for the Horror Season.  And even though it’s a new book, some of the authors behind the project may surprise you.

Mark Twain, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and John G. C. Brainard  to name a few of the collaborators sharing from beyond the grave.

Ghost stories from these classic authors intermingle with those of contemporary authors such as Stacey Longo, Melissa Crandall, G. Elmer Munson, Kristi Petersen Schoonover, Dan Foley, John Valeri, and Ryanne Strong.

What do all of these authors have in common?

They’re all from Connecticut.

I knew we had some talented and creepy scribes in my neck of the woods, but I had no idea there were so dang many!

Check out Tricks and Treats on Kindle or paperback.

2 -Anything Ghost – Volume 1

anythingghostvolume1creepexperiencescoverAnything Ghost, which is one of my favorite true ghost story podcasts, (see Top Ten Horry Story Podcasts for more) hit it’s 10 year anniversary. 10 years or podcasting. That’s so crazy! I haven’t even been listening to podcasts for 10 years yet. But I digress- and to celebrate they’ve put together a collection of some of the best ghost stories told on the show. And by they, I actually mean he. And by he, I actually mean Lex Whal. If ever there was a person who deserves some extra kudos for being a horror solopreneur, It’s Lex. Seriously. He puts the show together, narrates the stories, composes the music, AND edits a collection of the stories? KUDOS sir. Many many kudos.

What’s cool about this collection is that, along with the listener submitted stories, Lex has also added some of his own paranormal experiences and information from an expert paranormal investigator. Sorry I don’t remember their name though… The description on Amazon doesn’t say and I heard about this on his podcast, so I didn’t write it down.

But either way, this one’s on my list for things-I-want-to-read-asap.

You can get a copy of the book on Amazon or by visiting the Anything Ghost estore where other formats such as iBooks can be found.

4 – Dracula: The Graphic Novel

14089250_840603889373525_8733653307493450331_nFrom our friend over at Radio of Horror comes a new twist on the classic tale of Dracula. With the story by Chris Denmead and illustrations by Iseta Solaris this promises to be an interesting graphic novel. Why? Well, their concept is based around altering one fundamental element and seeing how the rest of the story changes with the shift.

Basically,”What would gender-swapping the characters in Bram Sotker’s Dracula do to the story?”

I’m more than a little intrigued, and I’m happy to say the first peek at their hard work will be happening later this month in the form of a debut party. I can’t wait to see what they’ve been cooking up!

Make sure to check it out. 🙂

3 – Jim Harold’s True Ghost Stories 5

trueghoststoriesjimharoldI would be remiss if I didn’t mention the collection of True Ghost Stories that Jim Harold has just put out. It’s volume 5 of listener submitted ghost stories from his Campfire podcast. Another great listen, if you need your ghostly or UFO fix btw.

That can be found on Kindle or Paperback.

Life goal: to own hard copies of all of these collections so I can terrorize my cats with performances of ghost stories. ❤

5 – The Dead Omnibus

THIS collection is hella X-rated, gore streaked boobs out zombie/monster mayhem and should only be approached with the gleam of splatter punk embedded in your heart.

I became aware of this through Trick or Treat Radio (yet another must-listen of Horror Podcasts) when they interviewed one of the artists, Derek Rook, who was helping to promote the kickstarter campaign to get it made. That campaign was super successful this year and now you can straight up by this massive collection of gut-churning horror.


Reaching out to Rough House publishing is the key to getting your hands on this sick puppy. I won’t even give you a cover for it, but if you’d like to see one, check out this interview with Derek Rook on Dread Central.

6 – Horror Haiku and other Poems

horrorhaikuafstewartAnd last, but certainly not least, A.F. Stewart has put out a collection of her poetry including work from the #horrorhaikuesday game. AND including some of my artwork!!

So, pretty please with adorable flesheating spider-babies on top, sang a copy of this collection and tell me how cool I am. That’d be cool of you. ^.^

You can find it on Kindle or Paperback!


Ok my friend, there are so many more books I’d love to share with you, but I have to put some pants on and go to work now. But I do think this type of post will be happening more often in the future.

What new horror releases are you stoked about? Let me know in the comments below.

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