Hello my friend, I’m sorry I dropped the Haikuesday ball last week, this month has been an adventure I can hardly keep up with. Which I’ll fill you in on things like “what illustrating during an 8 hour road trip feels like.” And, “The ghost that freaked me out before my sister’s wedding” after we get to the good stuff.  Our collection of extra sassy Halloween fueled fervor, meaning, there’s a ton packed into this week’s post:

First up, as requested from the talented twitter terror, @TweetsTheCreeps I’m posting some artwork of mine that has no poem connected to it. Flipping my usual process on it’s head and letting the artwork come first and the haiku second.

First, here’s a never before seen illustration from my archives. I had hoped to add a little more *wiggles fingers in the air in a menacing way* to it, but alas- my ambitions are too big for the time allowed in a day.

That being said, I think Edward of Nano Horror did a fine job adding that element to it:

And here’s a second one, just for fun:


Here’s Nano Horror’s reaction to this piece, which extra props to him for creating this poem so quickly. I mean, I did give him zero head’s up….


Here’s a response haiku from Kylie:

And now for a poem from the talented Immortal Alexander:


Black sludge flows below
Club-like appendage reaches
It’s eyes say kill me.

~Immortal Alexander

Our Immortal one has written a TON of other haiku for us and I have a dreadfully ambitious idea to share them with you on Halloween proper. Which I’m scheduling starting today so that, regardless of whatever revelry I’ll be engaged in, they’ll show up. 😛

And now, because you guys are clever and it’s the last Haikuesday before Halloween, here’s a quick one from Kylie G that just struck me as adorable.


 Story Time

Oh you made it to the end eh? Well, here’s what’s been happening:

October has been filled with chaos. As most of you know I have been apartment hunting and as most of you won’t know- I FOUND A NEW HOME! It’s at the tippy top of a creaky old Victorian with windows that gaze out into the branches of pine trees. I couldn’t be happier with where we moved to. And on my to-do list I’m planning to put together a little post or something with pictures of the new place.

Here’s a sneak peek, brace yourself…

Yup. It’s mostly a horrible pile of mess and boxes right now, but with a little time and a lot of organizing, we’ll have a functional home again. I think what I’m most excited about though, is having a separate room for an office. No more trying to podcast while Immortal Alexander is trying to beat a boss level in the same 5′ of space. life is looking up. 🙂

Now, the ghost of Captain Grant’s Inn…

This ought to be a YouTube storytime video in the future, but until my hands catch up with my ambition, here’s what happened:

My sister got married a few weeks ago, she was beautiful, the day was rainy and perfect and magical and I cried waaaaay too much. That dang father daughter dance just broke my resolve. But the ghosty bit came the night before the wedding. My sister, her Maid of Honor Karley, Immortal Alexander and I all stayed at a bed and breakfast called Captain Grants. It’s beautiful, old, and apparently very haunted. But I figured, eh, with an entire Inn full of people it probably won’t be all that active, even if it actually is haunted.

I was in one room by myself for most of the night since Alexander was working an open mic an hour away that night. I think I stayed in the Adeline room. And I made one grave mistake when I first arrived. I read the dang guest book.

In this best and breakfast each room has a little guest book where people leave notes about their stay. In most of the rooms it’s things like, “Such a beautiful stay” “can’t wait to come back” “thank you so much” in my room’s book? “Beautiful room, but really creepy,” “saw the towels get pulled off the bed!” “Thanks so much for the stay! We got some amazing EVPs!”

It is pretty fantastic that I randomly ended up in the haunted room though. I wasn’t even supposed to be staying there that night. But there I was at one in the morning trying to stay awake long enough to make sure Alexander would find the place. And while I was sitting there, derping around on my cellphone I was, I admit, getting kind of creeped out. I kept hearing footsteps on the floor above me. and wondering who else was having a hard time sleeping. and then I felt it.

I felt a tingling warmth on my back as the mattress behind me depressed, as if someone just sat down on the bed behind me. It kind of felt like someone was saying hello. Want to know what my response was?

“NO. no no no no no no no please go away I NEED to sleep tonight and you’retotallyfreakingmeoutrightnow.”

Yup. Fun fact, I’m a total scaredy cat when it comes to real-life ghost encounters. Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Activity and Anything Ghost legitimately freak me out. After my response I felt the warmth and the depression slowly fade away and I paced around the room for a while fussing over what to do next. Eventually I said, whatever, it didn’t seem angry , so I crawled back into bed and fitfully fell asleep. Thankfully nothing else happened that night.

Have you ever have your rest interrupted by a ghostly visitor? Let me know in the comment section below, or hit me up on twitter: @horror_made

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