Happy Halloween!! This post apparently failed to post on Saturday when it was scheduled :(((( however, here’s a day of decadence with a bite sized bit of poetry, film and interview with the creator Andy Van Scoyoc. Whom you may already know through her Twitter account @BohemianCelt. (And if you don’t already, you really ought to follow her).

Andy has a talent for bite sized horror and has found her voice through Twitter and story vignettes on YouTube. Let’s explore some of her work, shall we?


The Poem

Living death…the smell of decay sickens… Desiccation…

Waiting in darkness…Light gleams off knife…Death on Halloween…

~Andy Van Scoyoc


The Short Film


The Interview

JA = Jeanette Andromeda                         AVS = Andy Van Scoyoc

andyvanscoyocvampireportrait2016JA: If Halloween night transformed you into something,  what would you be?  Why?

AVS: I’d like to be a vampire. Just out of curiosity to see if ANY of us have gotten it right.

JA: What do you enjoy most about writing/reading poetry?

AVS: I used to be a poetry snob, but with age and a more laid back attitude, I’ve really fallen in love with horror haiku. There’s just something about using just a few words, to give people chills.

JA: Can you tell me more about your film-making and your YouTube channel?

AVS: My film-making has been a long time in coming. I’m a die hard fan of Vignettes…which have never really caught on, anywhere. There are a few people such as myself, a more, Avant, crowd that appreciate things outside the norm, but not enough for most filmmakers to devote any time to the art.

So, with the advent of technology and filming now, just being a matter of, in some cases, whipping out your phone, my dream of seeing my strange little parcels, come to life is a reality. It’s IMMENSELY rewarding, as honestly, I’d probably never see them any other way.

JA: When did you start creating videos?

AVS: I made my very first film in 2015 and there’s been no stopping me. I have another planned for later this year.


Make  sure to check out some of Andy’s other work 🙂

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