If you are like our dear friend Arthur, then you power on my NanoWriMo friend! Power the hell on! NanoWriMo is no gentle stroll into a notebook, it’s a commitment to blast your way through 50,000 words and get that dang novel you’ve been talking about writing onto paper.

I will not be going in on NanoWriMo this year, however I am finishing up writing a story for the new season of The Lift as well as getting deep into interviews for season 7 of the Wicked Library, so you’ll be hearing more from me in the pod-casting world very soon.

And for those of us taking the gut-punch of horror route, here’s a little movie themed Haiku from the talented @haikuofhorror.pertetualragesm

Thanks for jumping in this week my friend and I’ll catch you again in the land of Twitter hash-tags next week!

Also, prints of today’s artwork can be found on ArtPal. 🙂

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