Your fate my dearest
Darkness dwelling comrades is
in your hands today.

Crawl, Slither, glide or
burst forth into the ether;
our fates rest in choice.

Clear your throat and make
your voice and opinion heard
Facebook rants don’t count.

~Jeanette Andromeda

 I know the world is saying it, and has been for months but I just want to add my little reminder to my American Comrades to go out and vote today. But either way, here’s a few haiku from the clever brains of Twitter to amuse you while you wait in line at the polls. Or watch with bated breath across the pond.

On a different note, this one is just incredibly clever and not something I hope to ever discover in my own home. Yours? Maybe. But mine? Never.

PS. Artwork will be added posthumously to the initial sharing of this post. My laptop is down for the count today so I have to do a little work-around through Instagram and my phone to make things work.

Join the poetic satire on Twitter by using #horrorhaikuesday

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