Real life is scarier than any fiction

This is not a story

Fire hoses with icy water piercing the inky night

Hyperthermia ensues but no one cares

This is not a story

Frigid faced men in riot gear firing into a peaceful crowd

This is not a story

Rubber bullets bouncing off skulls like crushing stones

Bloodies heads and bloodied hands

This is not a story

Screams in the night that fall on deaf ears

Blood for oil

Blood for money

This is not a story

A native people fighting for every American

Fighting for the future of all men, women, and children

This is not a story

They want for us to believe it’s us versus them

That we are different because of our heritage

Because of our blood

And the color of our skin

This is not a story

A pale rider falls from his horse

Falls to the ground

And screams in pain

This is not a story

We have one earth

We are one people

We all need water for life

This is not a story



I do not post much in the way of political pieces. My stories are mainly fun fictional works. Jeanette and I have been appalled as of late on the barbaric treatment of Native people in America and of those who support them. The following is footage of DAPL security harming peaceful protestors of the DAPL pipeline. The following video contains disturbing imagery. Viewer discretion is advised. This is no longer a political issue. This is about human rights plain and simple. True horror lies not on the page but in reality.

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