The struggle is real for me today. Read this fantastic bit of flash fiction from Kelly Soloduka, then take a look at my artwork for today. Then, with sounds like *tsk tsk tsk* going through you mind, watch the video I’ve posted at the end of this.

That’s all I have to say. Please enjoy the adult language and graphic violence wrapped up in this little gut-punch of a story. Or, if you’re too young to partake or would simply prefer not to, then I recommend you just skip to the video and enjoy my frustration.


by Kelly Soloduka

The demon’s mouth was a jagged, gnarled mess of yellowing stalactites and stalagmites. The hollow eye sockets glowed faintly crimson. The thing let loose a guttural, feral growl as I dropped into battle stance.

“You have been commanded by both Christ and the Supernatural & Preternatural Urban

Response Team (S.P.U.R.T.) to vacate this plane of existence,” I stated firmly. “Failure to do so will result in your immediate annihilation.”

demonfighttitle“Fuck your Christ!” the demon screeched, dropping the bloody, tattered arm it had been

gnawing on. The arm hit the pavement with a wet thud. I recognized the watch. Poor Nathan. I remained motionless as my Havoc Suit scanned the demon. It was massive. Ten feet tall, and its chest and arms were thick with twisted sinew. The suit’s HUD skeletal mapping didn’t recogonize this one. Unfortunate. There are over 200,000 demon names in the S.P.U.R.T database. A demon’s name can be broadcast through the suit’s sonic emitter and the sound waves of a demon’s own name will disintegrate it on a molecular level.

“Last chance,” I warned as I powered the suit’s globulin cannons. “Get your unholy ass back into that bottomless pit.”

“Fuck your mother!” the demon hissed as it crouched low, and slowly extended all ten talons. They were long, thick razors. Vicious and unbreakable. Havoc Suit prototypes had been shredded in seconds by claws like those when the first gate opened outside Jerusalem. The desert was left strewn with ribbons of steel and flesh. Now the suits are enhanced with depleted uranium and rock crystal quartz blessed by the Vatican. It unfurled its wings with a triumphant snap. HUD scan put the wing span at 18 feet. It’s the

largest I’d ever seen. And ugliest. The face was like melted candle wax, and covered with thin bloody slits where new horns had begun to sprout. The demon’s mouth opened wider to reveal another row of craggy teeth, and it let out a shrill reptilian shriek. The gills flared.

Before I even realized what was happening the demon knocked me down and was on me. It had covered the distance between us faster than I could see. Faster than even the Havoc Suit could track. I was crushed under the weight of the thing. Havoc Suit sensors indicated 500 pounds of  pressure. The demon unhinged its jaw and bit at my face over and over. The visor held. The HUD scan confirmed 72 teeth averaging 6 inches each. The demon stopped biting and began to slash viciously at my chest. I was engulfed in a shower of sparks and electrical arcs from the reaction between the demon’s talons and the Vatican quartz. The suit’s trauma alert sounded quietly.

I activated the ion aura; maximum concentration. The demon squealed with agony and took to the air with one powerful sweep of its massive wings. “Fuck your science!” the demon roared as it hovered above me, great leathery wings flapping and creating a whirlwind of trash and debris. The demon’s legs looked like a gorilla’s, but with

the bone and joint structure of a dog. I could see genitalia that looked like a trio of shiny black eggplants.

The demon beat its mighty wings and rose swiftly away from me. I locked onto it and fired the globulin cannon, hitting it directly in the chest. The demon howled in pain as the gamma globulin reacted with its flesh. Gamma globulin was like hydrochloric acid to demons. The globulin was also modified with nanobots programmed to disrupt demonic DNA.

The demon spun deftly and dove straight toward me. The crater in its chest trailed ugly black smoke as the globulin continued to react. The hollow eye sockets were ablaze and crackling with the luminescence of infernal fury. I barely had time to activate the graviton buffer before the behemoth slammed me into the pavement.

“Fuck! You! Fuck! You! Fuck! You!” The demon beat savagely on the Havoc Suit. The thunderous blows were too rapid to avoid, and the suit was taking damage. The kinetic dampeners were failing. The ion generators were offline. The visor cracked. Several more trauma alerts quietly sounded.

The demon continued to hammer mercilessly on the suit, and the plasma circuit ruptured. The HUD displayed an evacuation warning. In moments the suit would be powerless, and I’d be trapped inside an immovable metal shell with an enraged demon clamouring to eviscerate me. I transferred the remaining power to the hydraulic motion enhancers, and with all the might I could muster I swung the globulin cannon directly into the side of the demon’s head. I heard a dull crunch as the reinforced titanium cannon made a sizable dent in the demon’s skull. The impact dazed the beast long enough for me to bring the cannon back up and aim it directly at the demon’s face; point blank range.

“Time to exfoliate,” I said, and fired.

The demon’s head snapped back from the force of the blast. I could hear neck bones cracking. The demon screeched as its flesh sizzled. Half its face contorted in agony, and the other half was a dripping, bubbling mess. Chunks of the demon’s flesh slid off to reveal a charred, smoking skull beneath. Thick, yellowish green pus oozed from the crater in the demon’s chest as the nanobots destroyed it from within.

The demon clawed wildly at the air and wailed with misery. It stood up and staggered a few

steps, its weight cracking the pavement. It feebly beat its wings once, twice, them  collapsed into paroxysms of suffering. Soon the demon grew still but the nanobots continued the battle, turning the demonic flesh into steaming pus that dripped slowly off the skeleton into an expanding pool below.


About the author:

In the dark, frozen north, under the icy beauty of the aurora borealis, there is Sasquatch, the wendigo, and Kelly Soloduka.

A note about the artwork:

I struggled to get anything out for this piece, but I really wanted to share Kelly’s short story as a feast of fiction for Thanksgiving. I’d like to take another crack at drawing his demon as described, but until I find some more time, I will simply share the challenge that even getting Mr Spider-Face done was.

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate it. ❤

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