Hello my beautiful Haikuesday poet. My energy is way low today, lingering somewhere in the lowest knuckle on my right most toe but with a little inspiration from Jenbo’s poem and Danica Sills’ work on YouTube I took a few hours and created this:


 On an artistic level

I think this piece could use some more work, but I am pretty happy with how I was able to create a little atmosphere with the snow. I was also forcing myself to experiment with some brushes I normally avoid. Rather than my usual 2 brush combo (flat color and digital airbrush) I used a little coarse airbrush, smoke, and rough pastels to bring some new textures in. What do you think?

On a personal level

I’m off to chug some tea now, but I look forward to reading your clever poetry on Twitter today ❤


3 thoughts

  1. Honestly, I think this is among my favorite Haikuesday artworks. The very lifelike texture of the hair and the heavy shading around the eye both contrast with the apparent wood grain appearance of the skin. The resulting nexus of animate/inanimate makes for a terrific visual interpretation of the poem’s theme. Meanwhile, the blurred snowflakes give motion to the entire scene, almost making me think I’m looking at a single frame of film.

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