A bit of food for thought…


Fleshy shells do not walk among us, but above us. Hollow husks adorned with gold, and encrusted in jewels. Humanity does not reside within these loathsome creatures. They lurk not in caves or underground dwellings, but in castles, palaces, and houses of pure white. Pleasure and money are their god. Survival of the richest. We hope and pray to any gods who will listen that one day these hollow beings will look down upon us and understand. Much like a machine there is no reasoning with these foul beasts. They have a plan, and it has been long underway. Kill the poor, and set us against ourselves. Kill those that are unworthy of their blessings. Like gilded gods they decide who will survive and what will be left of them. Will we lay down and let the monsters of the world have their way? Shall we walk through the world asleep? Let them kill, rape, and devour us whole without resistance? If I were a being of ultimate power that could change the world what would I do? What would you?


Send me your tweets, your innermost hopes, dreams, and fears to @HtvImmortal           with the #FearTheSoulless

This weeks image comes from http://www.pixabay.com

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