*The screeching sound of a megaphone greets your ears*

Today *the word echoes: today… ay…. ay…* I’d like welcome one of the creators of a fantastically witty, off beat comic that makes me proud to be a reader of horror and paranormal indie comics. Which I can say confidently as I wildly enjoyed their 1st issue and am looking forward to reading the next one. Lance Lucero  (Owner and Operator of Warehouse 9 Productions) will be taking the megaphone today and sharing with you the journey of Bob: Non-Union Psychic and how it came to be.

*I turn the megaphone directly into Lance’s Ear* So Lance, How did your journey to created BOB: Non-Union Psychic begin?

*Lance, politely ignores my bad grammar and replies*

The journey to create BOB: NON-UNION PSYCHIC started many years ago…


The character of Bob Holbreck truly is a metaphor for the struggling creative type searching for acceptance.   As any creative type begins to study and practice their craft, as a writer, filmmaker, musician, artist, or whatever it may be, I believe the ultimate goal is to create something that will be seen and accepted by a recognizable and credible publishing house, studio, record label, art gallery, etc.  And then have the creation marketed to the masses in order to hopefully build a fan base.

Taking my own experiences as a struggling artist looking for acceptance and those of other creative types, I started to build the identity of Bob.  But, the thing is, I didn’t want Bob to be a typical “super hero.”  I wanted him to be a character that people can identify with.  Most important though, I wanted him to be a working class hero.  A small business owner trying to carve an existence out of a rat race world.   Bob had to work for a living like most of society.  I wanted Bob to be talented at a trade skill that the public demands.

bobcoverdownloadSo, when I was getting my luxurious locks cut one day at the salon, boom – It hit me!  A hairstylist!  Wow!  hairstylists are surly in demand.  And if a person is good at it, they can take that skill anywhere.

Still, Bob had to be special in some way.  I decided to take a more natural angle on what makes Bob unique, so I chose to go the paranormal route.  I wanted him to have a really heightened psychic sense.  Even though he is genetically from a long line of psychics, it’s not his thing.  To make it more interesting I wanted Bob to be uncomfortable with his psychic abilities.  It’s more of a distraction to him, especially when he’s styling hair.

After I nailed down the character details it was time to build an adventure around it.   Upon completion of the big story I shopped it around.  The tall tale  sparked interest, landed on a few desks, but a deal was never sealed.  Here we go again, talking about acceptance…  I was never told the story was bad.  I was never told I didn’t have writing talent.  I just couldn’t get it in the right hands.  So the story sat on the shelf for many years.  Well over a decade.

Then one day I reconnected with an old writing colleague, Adam Volle.  We adapted a really genius short story of his into a hardcore screenplay.   We received some really awesome credible coverage on the script, but once again, no deal.  We had the right stuff, but we couldn’t get anywhere.  That project has been resting on a shelf for many years as well, along with many others.

But enough was enough!  It was time to produce something!  Why wait for acceptance from the man!  Adam suggested we turn his screenplay adaptation into a graphic novel, but I felt it might not be commercial enough at the moment, so I threw BOB: NON-UNION PSYCHIC at him.  See, Adam is a really big comic book fan and he’s a creator who had one of his stories published by Shooting Star comics a few years back.  He had experience making a comic book so I trusted his skills as a writer and editor.

We condensed the story into BOB: NON-UNION PSYCHIC #0 TRUE TALENT.  30 pages of awesomeness.  A nice introductions to the character and world of Bob Holbreck.

then it was time to acquire an illustrator.  Adam solicited for artist and letterers on Deviant Art.  We were totally slammed with artistic talent from all over the world.  Francisco Resendiz came knocking at our door.  His style was everything we could have hoped for.  I tell you, after the character concepts and layout was complete and the art started to roll in, it was truly inspirational to see Bob come to life.  Every time new art arrived, it was like opening presents at your birthday.  To Heck with being accepted, we were producing our own book, our way and it was magical.

I knew a talented web designer who offered to build our site, so we started the marketing there.  I released the book in a digital format in October 2015 to the world!  And the world did not know we were there…  Hmmm…  So, we solicited to over a hundred websites for possible reviews.  Reviewers started to slowly take notice.  Our approval rating climbed.  We are fortunate and talented enough to score nothing but positive reviews.  Which helped us build a budding fan-base.  Acceptance at last!

Oh, sure, we are still buried under the weight of the mainstream, but like Bob, we are carving out an existence that can’t be denied.

What was next?  To keep it going of course.  We are back with BOB: NON-UNION PSYCHIC #1 “The Legend of Legros.”

*I turn to you, my dear reader, flabbergast at the wildly well thought out, and interesting response* Well Lance, I’d actually intended to ask you more than one question, but that was such a fantastic answer I think my work here is done for the day.

*Link Drop*


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