softspokenblogA little further into her web I am drawn, the cords cut tight into my skin and yet, I still feel nothing.

She whispers softly in my ear,
the melody of her words slips into my thoughts like water
seeping in,
with venom.

My once vibrant thoughts grow
and proud.

They cloud my senses leaving me blind
To the horrors around me.
Leaving me numb to the shifting of fate.
Leaving me deaf to the screams for help.
Leaving me lifeless.

still thinking I am alive.

~Jeanette Andromeda

Today’s artwork (and my poem) was inspired by Hoppy Rogers work:

THanks for the inspiration Hoppy!!

 About the artwork

I’m continuing to experiment with Corel Painter’s various brushes, trying to get a little more textural interest into the pieces I’m making. Today’s piece, “Soft Spoken” was done using a combination of drippy ink pen, drops of ink and airbrush 2. I like how it has a bit of a scratchboard feel to it and a kind of frantic energy.

If you like my experiment you can purchase a print through my ArtPal Gallery

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